A2 Hosting v/s Ipage Hosting – Why A2 Hosting Is Better Than ipage


With advanced technology, the web hosting has become more incredible and reliable to any type of business. Web sites and their connected accessories can give you an accomplished digital solution for the growth of your business.

Taking a glance from big business to an individual one, these days the websites have become more common and they give you a balanced profit of business with fewer investments on capital and time.

This not only demands more new suitable web hosting providers. Finalizing with a good host provider is a confusing task as well. But one needs to know their demands of business with less trouble in maintenance.

Know A2 Hosting

The name A2 Hosting just reveals the fact that they are the pioneers of web hosting or providing industry from 2008. With qualified professionals and technicians who work with professionalism and across the board one can depend on A2 Hosting for any type of tailored services.

Punctuality, timeliness, and professionalism make these hosts true service providers to the customers who can satisfy their demands with the remarkable features provided.

Renowned in the industry for incredible web solutions and services, A2 Hosting functions with the state-of-the- art technology to maintain a standard and skilled professionalism among its customers.

Salient Features Of A2 Hosting V/S iPage

Embedded with the highlighting reliable features the web hosters A2 Hosting is acclaimed from other web solution providers especially iPage in many ways. Some of them are discussed below.

  • com has vast customers spread throughout the globe as its sparkling features are available are cost-effective when compared to its competitors.
  • com and iPage works are based on Linux.
  • The A2 Hosting is built on the cloud technology which is quite powerful for multi-functional aspects.
  • The data center of A2Hosting is located in Utah and Orem whereas the iPage data centers are located at Boston, MA, US. The iPage has more individual types of customers and is also known as a wind-energy hosting providers.
  • Comparing on the Domain features one come across that both the company –iPage and A2 Hosting provides a free domain.
  • The Domain hosting is one for just host but unlimited for ipage
  • The scripts used by the A2 Hosting is PHP5.2 + and 5.3+, Perl, Python, RoR, CGIBIN, while the iPage uses PHP 5.2 X, CGI-BIN, Perl to be named.
  • The Database for just host is MySQL, PostgreSQL but for iPage it is only MySQL database.
  • The A2 Hosting has Shell access, but the page does not have one.
  • The control panel of the A2 Hosting is the cPanel control panel, but the iPage uses vDesk as to be named.

Features A2 Hosting iPage
Domain Hosting Unlimited Unlimited
Scripts PHP 5x, 7.1 or 7.2, Perl, Python, RoR, CGI-BIN PHP 5.2.x, CGI-BIN, Perl
Database MySQL, PostgreSQL MySQL Database
Shell Access
Control Panel cPanel control panel vDesk
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www.A2Hosting.com www.ipage.com


The A2 Hosting pricing tag makes you comfortable with highlighted features, but money wise the iPage tag is low as $2.5/mo which makes your business a really affordable one. But, working on the terms and conditions these features are available only for 2 years and after the period it could be renewed for $9.99/mo. When compared on a price based options, A2 Hosting is cheaper as the offer period is 3 years

12 month 24 month 36 month
A2 Hosting $3.95/mo $2.95/mo $2.5/mo
iPage $2.25/mo $2.25/mo Not available, renew at $9.99/mo

A highlighted aspect of both the companies is that “Anytime Money Back” within 30 days full money back is guaranteed. The payment for both can done using Paypal payment and credit card.


Marking an excellent quality of speed the A2 Hosting gives a reliable, fast hosting solutions with a well-settled customer supports. With professionals and highly qualified engineers in board the A2 Hosting gives an excellent service in server performance tuning, report on testing and also 50% faster when compared to iPage. Both the companies use world class Tier 4 datacenter and an accomplished web servers but A2Hosting fits your business solutions by all means.

  • Green = A2Hosting [Takes less than 2 secs to load your web page]
  • Blue = iPage

*Lesser the Better

Customer Friendly Services

Both the hosting companies give you a thorough customer support through live chat, email customer support, telephone providing the customers with quality assistance to solve their tailored web solution problems.

The customer support assistant of A2 Hosting is more approachable, understanding and elegant to courtesy of solving your lengthy problems with no action of fed up or evade any of your questions.

The chat response time is at most 10 minutes. The quality graded assistants can lead you to pinpoint solutions which saves your time more along with the investment.

Your call is connected with 3 mins and your email gets a response not more than 20 mins. The iPage responses to the customers are in no way better than A2 Hosting .

Finalizing Your Choice Of A2 Hosting And iPage

The best and the professionals are given good considerations everywhere. The global growth of your business depends up on the websites and web solution providers or web hosters. This is mainly because we grow our business communications through reliable source providers.

Working with high-end technology and state of the art facility, one prefers the most eligible web solutions in the digital world. Many highlighted features come into consideration, but the quality, quantity, time-saving and your investment worth along with incredibility for the longer run can be expected from A2Hosting.

With apt call and recognition of the customers need and satisfaction, A2 Hosting serves you with the professional outlook and a greater mission of working for a longer relationship with the clients.

The company stands by you with more high leveled solutions to mark the need of the customers of various capacities and levels.


Crafting an excellent path of genuine excellence in their services, A2 Hosting is completely ahead and the leader among its competitors. Remarkable for its risk-free investment of “Anytime money back” option you are entitled to cash back one any services with which you are not satisfied.

You can expand your business with A2 Hosting as they give you a really standardized web hosting features that are instantly provisioned as well. The services are managed by the qualified, skilled technicians who know you and understand your business needs.

You not only experience the most exciting feature of the digital era advancements but a resourceful web solution features and hosting’s as well. A2 Hosting just enlightens your burden of expanding the business globally. It is always to be better with the leaders of the industry.

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