A2 Hosting V/S Fatcow – Why A2 Hosting Is Better Than Fatcow?

Glancing through the Global business, one comes across various aspects that have changed tremendously. One such change is the communication of the business to target its customers in the most elite manner. The digital era is really an acclaimed and an advanced solution with websites, web hosters, and many more high-end features.

There are many interesting features that make a company boosted in services and remarkably incredible to the customers demand. One such company is A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting V/S Fatcow On General Features

Faced with thick competition, A2 Hosting V/S Fatcow, a well popular web hosting company that shares hosting VPS offering along with the dedicated packages of attracting more and more customers. The comparison is done on features, control panel, uptime, speed, technical support and, of course, the service quality of the price.

The Customer Rating And The Editorial Features

A2 Hosting in regard to the control panel and the customer technical support. A2Hosting has the best overall ratings in performance, support, web site, and the control panel. The customer satisfaction is seen higher in the same with 4.86 of 5 which is nearly cent percent rate as well.

Pricing Features

A2 Hosting and Fatcow shares a single web hosting plan in the context of the personal websites with a quantitative large discount for cutting the prices and to increase the sales.

A2 Hosting considers the above in the same package offer that is priced from $7.99/mo which is regular. The present discount is 69% to customers who make subscriptions through the promotional code or the link. The actual package is as low as $2.5/mo; The Adwords credits for Google are $100, $50 for Facebook Ads credits and $25 Bing search credits are given as free options.

“Anytime money Back” is provided as an attractive offer which the customers get the full refund if they are not satisfied with the services. This is valid only for 30 days and the customers are requested to ask for prorated refund after the period.

The regular pricing of the Fatcow is excellent which is $49/year, but the account renewal is never a good option. The customers have to $9.49/mo which is considered a bit high. It also guarantees you with money back offers and free advertising credits for Yahoo, Facebook, and Google.

Control Panel and databases provide an unlimited disk storage with the bandwidth and the database used is MySQL databases.

The control panel used by the A2 Hosting is cPanel with the powerful user interface while the FatCow is vDeck. This is not very user-friendly as that of the A2 Hosting .

A2 Hosting supports features like CronJob and the functioning of the CMS like WordPress and Joomla is quite smooth. The Fatcow does will not support Joomla, WordPress and CronJob of the CMS. They have website builder as well and functions with PHP 5 as well.

The A2 Hosting has features like MySQL 5, Postgre SQL. The FatCow does not operate PostgreSQL.

A2 Hosting and FatCow have shared SSL, SSH as an added advantage.

The money back guarantee for A2Hosting is anytime but for FatCow is only 30 days which is quite not considerable as well.

The current price of the A2 Hosting is $2.5/mo and that of the FatCow is $4.1/mo which can be activated through a Link activation optioned by both the companies.

Speed And Uptime

Reliability and incredibility of quality work are available with A2 Hosting. The websites are performed on higher edge with servers of quad profess as it is indulged in the state-of-the-art data center.

It features a professional approach of UPS power backup generator with server monitoring of 24 x 7. The company provides an uptime of 99.99% as well.

The Fatcow also initiates the N + 1 power and servers of high quality. It is clustered with another server that can cause more time investment if any primary one crashes.

This adequately reduces the downtime and can cause failure of the hardware. The uptime allowed is only 99.95% which really absurd.

Speed is another which denotes the company’s quality and reliability as the customers cannot waste any bit of time. The difference between the two companies is greater as the A2 Hosting server responses more speed when compared to its competitors.

Technical Support And Reliability

The A2 Hosting has 2000 servers and IL which is based in Chicago. With well-balanced technology and inceptions they are embedded with the features that make them the best.

The different options that are provided for customer support are a live chat, email, and phone. Both the companies’ raises the same type of dedication of professional technical supports to their customers as and when they are needed.

The quality supports lends by the qualified assistants in seeking the customer demands and understanding them is highly a remarkable feature in the A2 Hosting.The tailored solution just provides you the right aspect of becoming the best web solution provider. The video tutorials that supported by the A2 Hosting is never supported by the Fatcow.

Your Choice

A2 Hosting is the best and an acclaimed to its credits of having features like apt price, speed, and many technically approved professionalism. These qualities are highlighted in every service and the customers can satisfied for choosing the best and the quality based web solution providers.


A2 Hosting is the remarkable leader of the industry since its inception in 2008. Maintaining stringent measures to quality and professionalism the company never underestimates its customer’s needs or satisfaction.

An approachable solution is provided to the customers by understanding their business and the growth. The company grows and expands with the customers as well.

They value your money, time and investments that incredible support your business growth.

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