A2 Hosting VPS Servers Review

Making an identity through your business is an innovative technique that is patterned in today’s scenario. With advanced technology in the world, one comes to know that time, and geographical barriers are no elements that prevent your business growth.

The advanced technology gives you every inch of development making great references and standardization in your business through websites which give an easy access to your growth.

Web sites are an important tool of business communication in the modern world. It facilitates your business with unique and significant address which uplifts your professional status.

A2Hosting – Know And Grow Your Business Through Us

A2 Hosting was introduced in the year 2001 by Bryan Muthig in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Embedded with creative talents and skills the company carved a legend as the fastest growing company in the industry.

Through its popular concepts and ideas, a2hosting.com was definitely the best among its competitors in time, money and investment management.

The customer oriented company with the state-of-the-art techniques and skills created a legend among the contemporaries.

Working across the board with refined skilled technicians and professionals the company can handle any type of business big, small medium and even individual.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine which is sold as a service by the internet hosting service. An operating system of its own and has a copy of customers who can use as well as access to the operating system.

The software’s that run on the OS can be installed. Technically it is shared and a virtualization server which hosts mimics of sharing hosting environment.

A2Hosting VPS Features

  • A2, a trustworthy company with reliable sources for VPS is the fast and the cheap website providers starts at $5/mo.
  • The A2Hosting built with the advanced technology of cloud technology for VPS solutions which guarantees your business growth for the future expansions.
  • The package is fortunate for individual, large businesses, organizations and corporates to name a few.
  • The remarkable feature of the A2 VPS hosting services is the price that is generally supportive for the customers. The price is unmatch-able in the industry.
  • The salient features of the VPS hosting packages have 3 plans for VPS which include domain registration, from 2TB RAID-10 Storage, Free SSL & SSD, with RAM upto 8 GB.
  • The cPanel clients are extremely well managed by the technical of the a2host which enables the clients to have only one login. This also initiates a powering control panel with which they can control and administer their accounts.
  • The root access is also offered to the client for easy access to the control panel.
  • Your data are stored with reliability, credibility, and apt speed as we are self-reliable with the well-equipped data-centers.

  • Redundant diesel generators and UPS backup power supports are also offered to the customers.
  • We have the facility to monitor your network for the whole day with multiple Ethernet connections. You can never challenge our incredibility or the reliability.
  • The VPS clients are supported with the fastest websites and the cloud technology is also developed by our engineers. The good examples for transferring customers of high website performances are the KVM and Open Stack.
  • The VPS costing is very cost effective with nominal charges and rates as well
  • Provisioning is instant
  • Management through Multi-Account
  • High-end performance

A2 Hosting VPS Pricing And Hosting Packaging

Half the price is offered for the first month for all VPS plans. The normal charges for the VPS are $49.99/mo but with the rich offer you have to pay only $25. The remaining 3 VPS plans are offered $5, $25, and $25(with ROOT ACCESS) which attract customers from all sectors.

Also They Provides A2 Unmanaged VPS Plan which costs only $5/mo.

An attractive scheme which guarantees Anytime Money-back is also added to this. Customer satisfaction is our need of the hour and they are entitled to canceling their accounts if they are not happy about the services which we offer. We categorize our plan into three. They are Unmanaged, Managed & Core VPS.

UNMANAGED VPS Host Plans From A2Hosting

The rate for this plan is $5 per month. The Mind catching benefits that you experience are:

  • Root Access
  • Optional cPanel Addon
  • Choose Your Linux OS
  • From 20 GB Storage
  • From 2 TB Transfer
  • From 512 MB RAM
  • From 1 Core
  • SSD Option

MANAGED VPS Host Plans From A2 Hosting

The Basic VPS host plan rate is $49.99 per month but as an offer you pay only 50% with which the benefits are:

  • Free cPanel Control Panel
  • Full HostGuard Management
  • From 75 GB Storage
  • From 2 TB Transfer
  • From 4 GB RAM
  • From 4 vCPUs
  • Free SSL & SSD

CORE VPS Host Plans From A2Host

The cost effective rates for the VPS host plans starts from a2host is $49.99 per month but the rates offered are 50% off which is really wonderful for all size of business.The features included in this plan are:

  • Root Access
  • Free cPanel Control Panel
  • Full HostGuard Management
  • From 75 GB Storage
  • From 2 TB Transfer
  • From 4 GB RAM
  • From 4 vCPUs
  • Free SSL & SSD


Managed vs Unmanaged vs Core VPS Hosting

The standard feature from VPS Host plans from a2hosting gives you an accomplished and the most elegant solution saving your time, investment and assets with an initiation of business growth. You can strongly depend on VPS Host plans from A2Hosting to succeed in your business growth.

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