Is A2 Hosting a Good Choice For eCommerce?

A2Hosting is one of web hosting service providers like others. But A2 Hosting is a good choice for eCommerce or not, in this article we are trying to point it out.

A2 Hosting is an ideal web hosting service provider for the people who are trying to establish their online business or website. Actually this company is ready to supply all kinds of assistance, so that anyone can easily set up his or her business website.

Even A2 Hosting is a platform that gives you web hosting plans, VPS hosting plans and each and every plan is affordable and economical, so customers can easily afford it. They provide best quality web hosting and VPS hosting plans, which help you to create small to mid-size e commerce websites.

What Makes A2 Hosting More Unique And Popular:

When we talk about e commerce websites, we generally take into consideration the shopping cart software, catalogs, payment options etc.

But apart from these features, there are a number of features that secure your eCommerce business like secure payment gateways, secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates and merchant account solutions and support.

These features protect your website, valuable information and prevent hacking. And all these features are provided by A2 Hosting.

Features of A2 Hosting – eCommerce Web Hosting

SSL Secure Server

Secure sockets layer is one of the best features of A2 Hosting. It is basically an encryption process which secures data while they are being transferred from one network to another network. The encryptions process helps to secure important information and data from hacking.

Especially in online marketing, where online money is transferred, buyers have to punch their credit card pin code, as SSL security server is included, pin code number is encrypted and so it is not possible for anyone to decode the number.

Same thing is a possibility while important data is transferred. It is the advantage of SSL secure server that makes your website safe and protects your essential data from hacking.

Shopping Cart Software

A2 Hosting is providing two shopping cart software solutions. With this feature, buyers can select their products and add in their shopping cart during online shopping.

Free Generated Certificate

Free generated certificate is offered by A2 Hosting. It mainly helps to create a free SSL certificate for the customer’s website and when they visit this website, the clients would not receive any warning notice which warns that “this site may not be secure”. Therefore free generated SSL certificate is very essential for online business.

Open PGP/GPG Encryption

A2 Hosting has provided open source encryption for their clients, so while clients access A2 Hosting plans, they would get open source encryption procedure and with this feature client is able to secure his or her website data, even open source encryption is helping customers to keep their website data and information safe. While open source encryption process is activated, you can send your personal and essential information also, it is very safe and secured way, while data or pin code is being transferred.

Paypal Support

Via PayPal account, anyone can transfer his or her money. As A2 Hosting supports PayPal payments, so your money is accepted, while you transfer it via PayPal account.

Merchant Account Support

A2 Hosting is offering merchant account support also, it mainly helps to develop the entire system so that debit cards, credit cards can be accepted without any problems. But in spite of this, if someone wants to ask any questions about merchant account support, and their services, he or she is free to talk to A2Hosting’s customer care, they are ready to answer all the questions and queries that you ask them. So A2 Hosting’s client support system is also very strong and active.

Self-Signed SSL

If someone is willing to know A2 Hosting self-signed SSL certificates, he or she can see video tutorials which explain and inform more information about A2 Hosting self-signed SSL certificates. So visit A2 Hosting website and clear your doubts.

After watching A2 Hosting’s features, it can be said that if anyone is planning to access eCommerce web hosting plan, A2 Hosting is ideal, as with the help of A2 Hosting , you are easily able to design a website, where your data and information would be safe and secured.

Even clients are requested to use A2 Hosting link and they would be able to save $2.50 per month. It is among their latest offers.

This post was last modified on November 30, 2018 5:31 pm

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