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cPanel is one of the most common and popular control panels that have been used by the users to manage different aspects of the account. Even files, applications, and email services are hosted by this server. In server cPanel is used with web host manager. It is Linux based hosting accounts and servers.

Basically cPanel is the best control panel in software industry. A2 hosting, one of the top web hosting service providers, offers cPanel. But if you are not aware of it, don’t worry, A2 hosting provides you with a number of articles and tutorials on cPanel, so that you can clear your doubts. It is one of the standard servers that is able to manage and modify the features the website and with the help of CPanel, you can navigate the website also.

Actually there may be some people who don’t have a clear idea about the cPanel, its operation, features, so they may face a little trouble, while they obtain A2 hosting service.

But don’t worry, because A2 hosting is providing all kinds of support and assistance to their customers, so that they navigate cPanel easily.

And to make this process easy, A2 hosting supplies 27 video tutorials which would teach you how to operate cPanel. From parking a domain to MySQL database development each and every thing clients would learn from these tutorials.

Here we make a checklist, which mentions the areas which are taught by video tutorials.

  • In order to install scripts in cPanel, how Fantastico is used.
  • How to create an addon domain,
  • How to develop an auto responder
  • How to create back up website and what are the essential steps.
  • How to use CGI center
  • How to change control panel password.
  • How to update contact email
  • The way of creating Cron Jobs
  • How to configure and filter email features
  • How to open up FTP account

Apart from these tutorials, clients would get more tutorials also, which teach them how to create different types of email, how to transmit URL, installation procedure of front-page extensions and so many things are included in video tutorials.

But if you are searching for something, but won’t get it in video tutorials, just look 57 articles, which are also offered by A2 hosting. All these articles are giving you information about cPanel control panel.

Price and offers: Now users can avail special A2 hosting link and would be able to obtain cPanel web hosting. And for that they have to pay only $3.45 per month. In order to get A2 hosting regular package users have to pay $6.95 monthly but in offer only $3.45 has to be paid.

If anyone is trying to create and develop a new website, he or she can get all facilities from A2 hosting even if anyone is planning to transfer present web host, A2 hosting is providing you full support to execute this plan successfully. A free domain name for life, a free website builder with templates, free eCommerce shopping cart software, free online marketing credits, and instant setup are facilities given by A2 hosting.

With these features, you would get your money back guarantee facility that enables you to get your total money back. And it is guaranteed service. So if you are not satisfied with A2hosting’s cPanel, you have to inform them and they would refund your money.

Therefore if you want to use A2 hosting link, you can do it without any hesitations as you would be given all kinds of support system that not only allow you to execute your desired plan, but also make the whole procedure very easy and handy. Their inexpensive plans make it more popular.

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