5 Reasons to use A2 hosting


A2 hosting has many likable features which puts it among the very best web hosting services. It is cheap, user-friendly and has excellent customer support.

The domain names are created for free and the Site-builder is not at all complicated. For beginners, a too complicated design is not at all desired and they need hosting which fits their budget and gets done quickly.

For those familiar with cPanel, the company offers extremely low cost cPanel hosting. For bloggers, A2 hosting is absolutely perfect as its services are perfect for WordPress hosting.

Equipped with an installer that installs web applications like WordPress, Drupal, phpBB and others with a single click, A2 hosting is suggested for mid and small scale businesses.

Different customers have different needs; the selection should be made taking the requirements into consideration.  In this article, we will discuss the top five reasons to use A2 hosting Hosting.

Free Sub Domain Names

A2 hosting offers free sub domains with all shared hosting Plan. A2 hosting edges ahead of the other companies as it gives extra domain names in addition to the hosting package.

The hosting environment is also very reliable and it is highly secure. They use servers powered  by quad processors for customer websites. Its data centers also have UPS powered generators. The company boasts of a 99% uptime and whenever a problem arises, it is dealt with prompt action.

An Option Of Hosting Unlimited Domains

With the cPanel account in place, a user can host almost countless domains, which is a major advantage for A2 hosting. Every website is manageable from a single place and that too from the very same server. If someone has already registered to a plan, the other domain can be self-hosted.

The Web Hosting Plans Are Highly Affordable

A2 hosting gives other companies a very tough competition when it comes to prices; each and every plan is rich in features. A2 hosting boosts the possibilities of new users of the internet and offers unlimited hosting, file transfers and email accounts to them. They also have a policy of money refund for their plans. If the account is discontinued midway, the money for the remaining period is given back to the user. The domain name is kept intact but the set-up costs and the registration amount is deducted.

The Convenient cPanel

The user interface of A2 hosting run by cPanel is lucid and uncomplicated. The administration of the database, analyzing the statistics of the site, managing various domains and configuring emails is done without any hindrance. A fully integrated script library is offered with the account and that too free of cost.

Fantastico is capable of installing the major scripts including osCommerce, Joomla, WordPress, phpBB etc. Optimizing, promoting and setting up the websites are very easy. With single click of a button, applications can be installed, advertising credits can be earned and Webmaster Tools can be accessed. All you need is completing the Sign Up process, integration is at its best.

Fantastic Customer Support

If we take a close look at the reviews, A2 hosting puts the customer first and strives to please them. Generally problems do not occur with their service, but in case something goes wrong, the customer assistance staffs are patient and ready to help. There are various methods available which includes phone support, email support and live chat facility.


Keeping a track of all these factors, it can rightly be said that A2hosting’s service is unique and the user is guaranteed hassle-free web hosting. A new user finds it hard to choose the best company, but going with A2 hosting always comes up as a better option mainly due to its simplicity, interactive cPanel and the affordable prices.

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